Company’s history

The first in the market of security services!

Security Company “Red Line” was formed on September 9, 2006 on the day of independence of our country. Although preparations for its organization have been going on for several months, on the eve of Independence Day, an order has been received. We were asked to guard the star with world renown Arash and his group, for all the time he was in our country, including his concerts. He gave concerts in the city of Dushanbe and Kulyab. Held many meetings and interviews throughout the country. Although his arrival in Tajikistan was very emotional, given his peak of popularity at that time, our team did its job very well, which was expressed by the organizers and Arash himself.
The organizers of the concerts have noticed the quality of our work and since then, all major mass events in Dushanbe and other cities of the country are guarded by the security agency “Red Line”!
Since October 2006, “REED LINE”, began to conclude contracts for round-the-clock physical protection with many large organizations in the Republic of Tajikistan. These are supermarkets, business centers, hotels, offices and so on. Among them are such as Sangtuda hydroelectric power station, Dushanbe Mall shopping center, JICA (Japanese Society for International Cooperation), China Road, Ministry of Economic Development, Courts of Dushanbe city, most of Dushanbe city schools and many others.

Our team

When we started work, there were seven of us. Today, we are about three hundred and the number of our employees is growing every month.

In our team are two generals, sixty colonels, more than one hundred officers and other highly qualified specialists. Each of our employees is part of our body, which develops with the company!

To raise the level of knowledge of our employees, we, with our agency, have opened a training school for guards. Each candidate, upon admission to work, passes a security guard course. In the whole company, weekly trainings are held to improve the skills of employees. By order of other companies, we train and conduct trainings for their guards.

The structure of the “Red Line” is the Department of Physical Security, the Depot of the Protection of Educational Establishments, the Department for the Protection of Mass Events, the Panel Protection, the Car Rental Department with a driver, the workshop for the production of metal structures for guards, the sewing shop of special clothing for guarding, the cynological service and so on.

We implemented the automation of internal processes.

Today, the security agency “Red Line” protects events and facilities throughout the country, organizes escorts outside the country.